Björn Ranelid

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Björn Ranelid.

Björn Ranelid (May 21, 1949 – ) is a Swedish author from Malmö. Since the beginning of his career in 1983, Ranelid has published twenty novels and written about five hundred articles in different magazines and newspapers. The author has also made numerous speeches throughout the years since his debut. Ranelid is currently (2012) very active, with eleven novels published since 2000. He has been living in Stockholm since 1989.

His works have been translated into French, English, German, Norwegian and Finnish.

Ranelid took part in Melodifestivalen 2012 with “Mirakel”. The lyrics are by Björn Ranelid himself and music by Fredrik Andersson. The song features Sara Li in vocals. The song reached the Final 10.


[edit] The Warrior (Swedish: Krigaren), 2001

[edit] Synopsis

David Saxon is an American who after fighting in Vietnam deserts and finds a haven in Sweden. Saxon’s younger brother was killed in the war and is mourned as a hero, whilst himself was disowned by his family – parents, wife and children. Being young, he decides to start a new life in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. He learns Swedish, makes friends, and finds a job as a janitor in a school. Through his work he gets acquainted with many of the children and young adolescents, some of which come from Stockholm’s more troubled suburbs. Among them are Selma and Joppe, sister and brother. Later, after Saxon’s retirement, Selma runs away from home and asks the former janitor for help and shelter. Her brother, who since he left school has been searching his fortune in the criminal world of the capital, has been found murdered. Selma’s determination to find the murderer is as strong as Saxon’s will to get to know young Selma under her tough surface.

[edit] Comments

Ranelid tells his stories in a non-linear fashion, and the narrator travels in time as the plot goes on. From Birmingham, Alabama, to the jungle in Vietnam to the isles of Stockholm, the story tells more of the human nature than of the murder, and spans over almost the entire adult life of Saxon. The novel covers both an ant’s view of political history since the sixties and a deeply philosophical introspective of what values really matter in life. Ranelid paints a portrait of a man who has both inflicted and suffered loss and who with time surmounts his griefs with the help of love and care.

[edit] Bibliography

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  • Ansikte av eld (2008)
  • I Give You My Finest Words – Aphorisms and Metaphors in Swedish, French, English and German (2009)
  • Kniven i hjärtat (2010)
  • Tyst i klassen! (2012)

[edit] Discography

[edit] Football career

Ranelid played professional football for Malmö FF and Helsingborgs IF however only with limited appearances in each club’s first team. He started as a youth player in Håkanstorps BK before moving to Malmö FF in his teenage years, Ranelid transferred to Helsingborgs IF in 1970.[1]

[edit] References

[edit] Notes


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